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Chairman's Message

Dave Croskey

Croskey Lanni evolved in many ways, just like our clients. Over the years we have put together an amazing team focused on balancing a high quality–of–life work environment while prioritizing servicing our clients – who are absolutely our passion and lifeline!

We love working with our clients. We have done so in many ways beyond traditional accounting and tax "requirements." We understand that businesses go through lifecycle changes as people do, enduring challenges and successes along the way. Our firm has experienced many of those same ups and downs, and we're stronger for it because we know what it means to grow and evolve over time.

The most rewarding aspect of our business is collaborating with clients to make a positive impact. We think it is the main reason our clients and team stay together for exceptionally long periods of time, especially in an industry where statistics say this should not be the case.

If you're interested in an extraordinary group of experts across our specialty areas, all of whom are committed to your best interests for the short and long term, we are your team!

—David M. Croskey, Founder/Managing Partner