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Family and Privately-Owned Businesses

Family and Privately-Owned Businesses

Value. It's a simple word with big meaning. Whether considering your business or family, you should be asking yourself: What does building value mean for me?

Making value specific to family and privately-owned businesses is what we do best. Whether your structure is intricate, simple or somewhere in between, becoming your most trusted resource is our privilege and priority.

Certainly you're committed to securing your financial value. But that's a complex equation. It's our primary job to understand everything that's involved; then, working in partnership with you, we figure things out. Most often, we are your advisor. But in this capacity, we may be required to adapt by participating as a coach, mentor, cheerleader, hatchet man or maybe even part-time psychologist! Our ability to arbitrage on your behalf to a wide variety of financial, human, operational, business and industry challenges sets us apart.

Value also has to do with personal dynamics, and when dealing with people and relationships, that's not always easy. As founder or leader of a business, your insight and knowledge are peerless; after all, you built or are responsible for the place, with much trial and error, from the ground up. We capture the essence of your leadership, helping find balance between your wisdom, augmenting it with the skill set of your particular team — frequently a new generation with different ideas and ways of doing things.

To traditional CPA firms, value is associated exclusively with the numbers or financial aspects of your business. One example of where we provide value that goes beyond basic accounting is business expansion. When extending value by adding a product line, opening a new facility or moving into another country, it's essential to consider the risk. Developing a detailed decision tree is among our specialties, but expect us to be the devil's advocate. What haven't you thought of that could undermine your efforts? We'll find out and advise you accordingly before you finalize a decision, assisting you with being in a position to make timely adjustments along the way. We prevent our clients from being that business that lost $200,000 and told us about it after the fact!

Value is about being by your side as your “consigliore”, before, during and after. Our unfailing commitment is increasing the value of family and privately-owned businesses, in a manner that's purposeful, thoughtful and effective.

You + Croskey Lanni = Value!