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Employee Benefits/401(k)

Employee Benefits/401(k)

There's an art to managing your workforce overhead. You want to offer benefits that are attractive to your most valuable employees and appealing to them at various life stages. At the same time, you need to keep your expenditures in check because the impact on your profitability can be significant. And compliance with standards has never been more important, especially in light of scrutiny by the IRS, Department of Labor and investment providers, and the constantly changing dynamics surrounding 401(k) accounts and other benefits.

Given the complexity of the landscape and the specific expertise required, Croskey Lanni founded Barclay Planning Group, LLC dedicated to 401(k) and retirement account administration. Barclay is uniquely qualified to understand the overall tax effects on you and your business of creating and funding your plan. We are able to provide perspective on how best to design a plan that allocates funds to attract future employees and provides those resources to your most valuable current staff.

The abbreviated version of Barclay credentials is that our experts provide comprehensive services related to all facets of 401(k) plan design and administration. Functioning as your advocate, we help guide you in selecting the 401(k) plan options that best reflect your corporate values. We educate your employees regarding the benefits of participation and take the extra steps to ensure your understanding of your responsibilities. We serve as the liaison between investment providers, advisors and plan sponsors. Intending to be your trusted advisor, we consider all matters required to appropriately protect your plan trustees, employees and business. We mitigate your risk by staying ahead of constantly changing requirements and making adjustments in a timely manner. That includes all aspects of compliance in maintaining your plan and representing you should an audit ever be involved.

Our priority during our attestation engagement is to provide an efficient audit process while striving to provide value to your plan and sponsor. Our firm employs full-time employees devoted solely to the administration of employee benefit plans and works with sponsors (trustees and human resource personnel) to ensure those plans are maintained in compliance with regulations and deliver the benefit intended to participants. That wealth of experience and ongoing support can help us keep your plan up to date on the applicable laws, rules and reporting requirements that those charged with fiduciary responsibility and governance of the plan must know. We add assistance and resources for benefit plans far beyond the traditional services necessary to completing an audit.

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