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Passion for your cause is the hallmark of nonprofit commitment. Your advocacy is exemplified in the dedicated hours you devote to your organization and the zeal you present to the community. You accept the constant challenge of raising adequate funds and recognize the need to spend monies wisely. You know that pressure on supporters from competing entities has never been greater and scrutiny of your operation is at an all-time high.

Think about how much more energy you can devote to your institution when you're affiliated with an extraordinary partner who can support you and be trusted with your financial details. Croskey Lanni has been involved for 30 years in the nonprofit sector, offering a suite of compliance and advisory services, bringing advantage with credibility for your association.

Periodic assurance engagements are essential to verifying that you're operating responsibly and managing funds properly. Typically, these are submitted to funding sources and grantors. Problems we often assist with are classification of expenditures by type, net asset documentation and theft-prevention measures. Despite limited resources, you cannot afford to ignore these aspects of your organization because they affect funding and nonprofit status.

Such assessments allow us to go above and beyond requirements, providing additional value to you. With our involvement, they become value-added exercises that identify areas of improvement. The goal is to become more efficient and nimble in carrying out the nonprofit mission. Comparing your organization to that of competing entities can be another worthwhile tool for finding better ways of doing things.

As the lifeblood of many nonprofits, grant applications must be prepared to strict specifications and submitted to funding sources on deadline. Aggressive budgeting with constant attention to cash flow is a nonprofit fundamental you experience every day. We have the ability to assist (or take full responsibility for) your back-office, representing a huge savings of time and effort while reducing your risk.

We see your budget as a living document that demands constant attention, including oversight of the nuances of expenditures for overhead and staffing. A certain percentage of monies can be used for these purposes, but vigilance relative to guidelines is important and subject to the scrutiny of grantors, supporters, media and the public. Collaborating with you on preparation of Federal 990 submissions and related documentation includes analysis of the level of public disclosure that's required, desirable and appropriate.

Starting a new nonprofit that addresses a clear need is a worthy endeavor. But is your idea workable? Can you attract adequate support? What about staffing, facilities, publicity? Our feasibility studies and related launch services help you be successful in your endeavor.

We're also dedicated to making your governing board more effective and efficient. Understanding that members are volunteering their time because they believe in the organization, we provide education and techniques that lead to best practices and high-caliber performance. We always tailor our engagements to ensure affordability, sharing your commitment to excellence with our dedicated team serving at every level of the nonprofit space.

Finally, we specialize in nonprofits because it is part of our core values. This is basic to who we are as individuals outside of our workplace.