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Professional Services

Professional Services

What is the value of your intellectual property? What is the worth of the skills you've spent years perfecting? How do you attach a price tag to your clientele? How strong is your infrastructure or internal controls?

Whatever your profession — architect, artist, attorney, dentist, engineer, management consultant, marketer, pharmacist, physician, writer — you likely have encountered a wide variety of issues such as compensation, equitable payment for your services, business structure, and short- or long-term plans, including succession or exit strategy.

Among the special challenges is designing an organizational framework that involves multiple owners, with each individual bringing skills that contribute to the viability, wellbeing and profitability of the whole. As you may have experienced, working with a group of participants in a professional practice can lead to stress, anxiety and disagreement, threatening positive cash flow and the quality of life.

Croskey Lanni, as a professional service with multiple partners, is uniquely qualified to understand the ins and outs of implementing best practices. As an objective observer, we devise a structure for your organization that assesses the contributions of each participant and factors their worth into the compensation plan. Our ongoing monitoring frees you to spend time increasing productivity, raising the overall value of your enterprise.

Organizational structure, including your governing operating agreement is important. Accounting and tax services are a given, but our true value encompasses assisting with long-term strategic planning, developing day-to-day operational efficiencies and minimizing tax obligations via smart management throughout the year. From billings and collections to hammering out such long-term considerations as partner buy-in loans, real estate and equipment acquisition, succession planning and handling extraordinary events (death, divorce and legal challenges, to cite but a few), we are there to play an instrumental role.

The rapidly-changing environment for medical professionals makes this subset an area of special opportunity. Expectations, reimbursements and requirements are constantly changing, and all have a profound effect on your capacity to successfully serve patients while making an appropriate profit. Our agility helps you adjust to shifting realities, freeing you to focus on what you're trained to do.