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Real Estate and Construction

Real Estate and Construction

Ah, the satisfaction of building something where nothing existed before. Or perhaps converting space from one usage to another or fundamentally restructuring current layouts. As a property holder, developer or contractor, you get to make things happen — commercial/industrial properties; medical offices; residential, multi-family, educational and recreational facilities — from the ground up. You take understandable pride in your work.

Behind every real estate façade there's a world of numbers as complex as the principles of structural integrity. Your management of those numbers has everything to do with the financial integrity of your enterprise. Successful maneuvering of fiscal realities is necessary. With our extensive background in real estate and construction, along with knowledge of specialty trades, Croskey Lanni assures your job management process is as strong as a building. Our range of services encompasses everything from audits to job costing to surety bonding.

We know that scheduling and cash flow are especially critical throughout real estate and construction endeavors. Working with you, we develop comprehensive plans and timelines encompassing details from architectural design to grand opening. We make sure funding aligns with scheduling, so that monetary, material and human resources are available on a just-in-time basis. We help with projections, budgeting and bank credit financing. We assist with decisions like workforce composition, lease or purchase of equipment, type of insurance coverage and more.

Here's a detail that's often overlooked ... educating your team. Do your people understand the scope of your contract? Do they know how to handle change orders? Do they comprehend the impact of cost overruns and construction delays on project completion?

Clients tell us that one of our most valuable services is spending time with them on a regular basis digging into more than just their numbers. Our understanding of what happens in the field relates to direct and indirect costs, job-specific and general overhead, gross margins and profit. Always, we're focused on more than just the bottom line.