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Our Culture

Members of the Croskey Lanni team are trained, to the degree each individual aspires, as entrepreneurs. Consequently, we have purposely developed an entrepreneurial spirit and approach. What this means to us is being accountable for each person's responsibilities, one task at a time. Our associates know the big picture, for themselves, their teammates, our Company, and, most importantly, for our clients.

Years of living together in this environment has created something that is hard to describe in words. But our people can and do function as entrepreneurs; this is demonstrated in attitude, work product, commitment and teamwork. We form strong and lasting relationships with one another and our clients. We embrace extraordinary, focusing our core values on quality, respect, innovation, diligence and dedication. Check out the recent internal email talking about the spirit and commitment of our people.

To: Dave, Tom, Pat, Cliff, Roger, Carolyn and Deb
From: Joel
Subject: Today it took a village

Today was one of the more frantic days I have had in a long time. I was faced with a fire drill (foreseeable or not) first thing in the morning, and they just kept coming.

I know we have an opportunity at our team meetings to give a shout-out to someone that we feel deserves a thank you or kudos, and at the next meeting I certainly will do just that. However, while I am still in awe from this crazy day, I want to tell the shareholder group/"higher-ups" what I experienced and how much I appreciate these three people.

I approached Jeffrey with a question on a PowerPoint presentation I slapped together by hand at 7:00 a.m. that I needed to deliver today. Jeffrey immediately stopped what he was doing and input my notes into the PowerPoint software, sharing his insight along the way. I then took the presentation to Matt (without a work stream project having been created) and set it on his desk. Within 15 minutes Matt reviewed the deck, made a valuable correction and sent it to processing.

Before I took off to drive the PowerPoint halfway across the state to hand-deliver to Green Oak Township, Joan was on the phone with the State of Michigan Unemployment Insurance Ombudsman with the next fire drill I needed to tackle on this day. She was able to answer a question on a topic I know nothing about. I then proceeded to pull Joan in on a conference call with the client, and she handled it amazingly. The client, whom I have worked with for three years, didn't want to hear from me once Joan took the stage, and I could tell he was extremely thankful for her insight.

I just wanted to give Jeffrey, Matt and Joan a big thank you and my appreciation by letting you all (the higher-ups ) know that after a day like today, I am proud to be in the trenches with these three.

The above was one day in the life of one of our Croskey Lanni teammates, servicing a variety of clients, covering a wide degree of expertise from a bunch of other equally important and valued teammates. They all chipped in without pause, to everyone's betterment getting the job done. Day in, day out; Month after month; Nearly 30 years later – we continue to have this atmosphere every day always involving teamwork, defining our culture. This is who we are as far as I am concerned – the finest CPA team in America!