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Business Accounting

Bookkeeping , Payroll and Tax Processing, Sales Tax

The details associated with procedures for recordkeeping and accounting can be tedious and time-consuming. We recognize that basic bookkeeping — keeping track of financial transactions of all kinds —represents a significant commitment of technical and human resources. We also know that overlooking this basic function can lead to much larger and more costly problems down the line.

Cash flow management, handling payroll and overseeing tax processing and withholding all fall into the category of accounting fundamentals. Accounts payable and receivable require ongoing attention for your business to succeed. Think about how many states you do business in and consider the sales tax percentages and structures specific to each one. That starts with making sure you're properly registered to do business in a particular state -- or country, if you do business abroad.

Over time, we coach you in how to set up and maintain the internal processes needed to take care of your business accounting. Plus, we're always standing by to assist you in any capacity. As with all Croskey Lanni services, we provide accounting services specifically tailored to your organization and needs.