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Moving to Cloud-Based Connectivity

Upcoming changes to the ways we interact promise to evolve your relationship with Croskey Lanni. Imagine this scenario.

It's 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, and you're getting ready to leave with the family for a long and much-needed weekend away. But you see a late notice from one of your vendors, despite your consistently paying your bills on time. Turning to your computer, you click on the link to one of your most valuable partners — Croskey Lanni. Immediately you're connected by video to our team member in charge of your account.

After exchanging greetings, you hold up the late notice so our associate can see it on screen. He opens your files to the vendor account and finds that payment has been issued. With another click, he views your bank statement and finds the check has not yet cleared. You agree that he will send an email to the vendor to find out why the payment has not been processed. That lets you leave a few minutes later for your long weekend with a resolution at hand.

This description very likely demonstrates our interactions in the very near future. Interconnectivity with visuals, video, graphics, ratios and comparisons will put real-time, cloud-based information at your fingertips. As always, your Croskey Lanni teammate will be readily accessible to assist with your every accounting and business consulting need.