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Operational Assessment, Planning and Implementation

Understanding how your business or organization operates today and historically is fundamental to making improvements going forward. Sometimes that's easier said than done, especially when you're surrounded by the day-to-day reality of everything that needs to happen.

Although you understand the intricacies of your operation better than anyone, perhaps there's an area that's not performing up to expectations or a client issue you've been unable to resolve. We're prepared to lend an additional perspective whenever that's helpful. Working in tandem with you, your management and other key personnel, we can perform an in-depth assessment involving information gathering, research and analysis. The intent is to develop a true picture of what's happening and why.

What emerges is a clear action plan which is then prioritized in a particular area specific to your company. That could be financial improvements, tax problems to take action on, sales or marketing opportunities, operational internal controls, organizational structure, human resources, equipment, management, morale or any other of a wide variety of areas that most businesses continually face in one way or another.

Often overlooked as an important factor in how an organization functions is having adequate internal controls. Once processes are put in place, they tend to stay there, without being reviewed or updated as market conditions or business structures change. A differentiating aspect of our involvement is the capacity to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of such controls. By indicating improvements, we offer a level of protection that business owners or managers may not be thinking about.

In addition to determining goals and objectives, we work with you to formulate step-by-step recommendations accompanied by a critical time path and assignment of responsibility. To measure progress, follow-up monitoring is included.