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Business Start-Up

Perhaps it's your dream come true — establishing your own business or setting up a companion operation to the one you already have. We pride ourselves on working with you in this environment, because there's more involved than simply hanging out the open sign.

Understanding that upfront planning has everything to do with success down the line, we pose relevant questions and assist in developing insightful answers. Even though your idea may be well-developed, our objective look at the marketplace can be helpful in deciding if your product or service addresses a need or creates one. Then we assist administratively, financially and strategically. Discussions progress to figuring out how best to set up the company and where, size and qualifications of staff, managerial structure, facilities and equipment, approach to sales and marketing — to cite a few of the relevant considerations. We also help you plan for growth, which is too often overlooked in the excitement of getting the company launched.

Our involvement is practical and workable, from naming your entity, to deciding on the type of legal structure (LLC, S corporation, C corporation, holding company, partnership), to handling incorporation and related matters. We help you set up systems for accounting, banking, record keeping and process control. We define insurance needs as well as legal counsel and help you find trustworthy sources for both.

In every way, Croskey Lanni is your partner, dedicated to taking you from start-up to long-term viability and prosperity.