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Research and Development Credits

Let's assume that your business investigates new products and services that potentially enhance value by increasing sales and profitability. But did you know that federal, state and local tax credits for research and development may be available to support your efforts? That's an attractive incentive that may sound too good to be true. That's why you want to go into such ventures with a thorough understanding of what you're agreeing to and getting in return. Frankly, many accounting firms are not well-versed in this area, but we are.

We help you explore the qualifications for and costs of business development incentives. We estimate base amounts, actual credits and potential tax benefits. Since compliance with terms and conditions is often a stipulation, we set up tracking mechanisms and generate support documents. Knowing that research and development credits can be a real plus, we'll help you figure out what best serves your interests and contributes to your business success.