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30 Years in the Making

Below is the conventional listing of milestones chronicling our history. For a more complete telling of how and why we got to be the best CPA team in America (as we selfishly and with bias describe ourselves), we invite you to click on the link and read the long version about us from a more personal perspective.

Croskey Lanni: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, An Anecdotal Narrative is the telling of our story by Founder/Managing Partner Dave Croskey. Emphasizing business as a life cycle filled with unexpected twists and turns, Dave explores what he calls "the intrigue, mysteriousness and fun challenges to successfully creating a business from the ground up in the CPA industry." The priorities?

  • Helping clients in ways that matter
  • Making a positive impact for people, communities and businesses
  • Assisting clients through difficult periods, and
  • Enjoying client success

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Croskey Lanni: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, an Anecdotal Narrative

Dave Croskey Then and Now
  • Better understand why making a positive impact for people and businesses is fundamental to our approach and long-term partnerships with clients
  • Learn how Croskey Lanni helps clients in ways that matter
  • Keep it positively focused at all times

It's the human side of Croskey Lanni, showing who we are, what we value and why we are so special. Over the years, lots of things have happened that were not in our game plan, but somehow we always figured out our way. Telling our story from the people perspective is the best way we know to try to put our uniqueness into words.

Eric Croskey

Croskey Lanni Milestones and Events

  • 1977 – Tom Lanni began working at CPA firm Doeren Mayhew after first graduating from Detroit College of Business, then Walsh College.
  • 1982 – Founder and Chairman Dave Croskey started at Doeren Mayhew after earning a degree from Wayne State University in accounting additionally achieving entrance into the WSU Hall of Fame.
  • 1986 – Debbie Robinson is team member 001 – the first person hired by Croskey Lanni who actually started before Croskey or Lanni!
  • 1987 – Dave Croskey founded Krentz Croskey with fellow entrepreneur, WSU graduate, CPA and friend Jeffrey Krentz, sharing space with a veterinary clinic in Rochester Hills, Michigan.
  • 1988 – Tom Lanni, who was one of Dave's key trainers, educators and mentors during their time together at Doeren Mayhew, joined the company; the firm became Krentz, Croskey & Lanni. The early years were dominated by clients in the construction industry; many remain clients of Croskey Lanni to this day.
  • 1991 – Croskey Lanni & Raiecevich reflected the merger of CPA Steve Raiecevich into the business and spinning off Jeff Krentz a few years later into his own technology-focused practice. Jeff's amicable departure continued as a strong friendship until his passing from health issues.
  • 1994 – Carolyn Jones was hired.
  • 1995 – Barclay Planning Group, our 401(k)/retirement/administration specialization was founded, resulting from a two-year research project done on behalf of Andersen Material Handling (who continue as a client today)
  • 1996 – Roger DeJong was hired.
  • 1996 – Croskey Lanni played a key role by partnering with John Romine at the infancy of the charter school industry in Michigan–where we continue to have an important specialization
  • 1997 – Patrick Sweeney was hired.
  • 1999 – A long-term business plan was defined, coinciding with the design, construction and move into our first "permanent" home on Barclay Circle in Rochester.
  • 2000 – Croskey Lanni, PC emerged with the name, substance and culture that continues to this day.
  • 2000 – Carolyn Jones became a partner.
  • 2004 – Purchase of land in downtown Rochester, Michigan, was followed by the design/build of our current and truly permanent headquarters.

  • Ground Breaking Team
  • 2008 – Roger DeJong and Patrick Sweeney became partners.
  • 2008 – Cliff Powell identified Croskey Lanni as the CPA firm best-suited to meet his client service and succession planning objectives, as his Powell and Associates team joined forces with Croskey Lanni.
  • 2012 – Dick Shovan "tucked in" Hirzel, Jackson & Swaine (Ben, who retired), their nonprofit specialty group, into Croskey Lanni, opening a second office in Novi, Michigan.

  • Novi Office
  • 2012 – Croskey Lanni opened a third office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
  • 2013 – Randy Nobles, President of Comerica Florida, took an early out to personally pursue an entrepreneurial "seed" within himself, leaving his big-time position to partner with Croskey Lanni. This coincided with expansion and relocating the Florida office to Boca Raton.

  • Florida Office
  • 2015 – Lenny Geronemus, specializing in estates and trusts, integrated his Florida team when his office building, which is now in the early stages of modernization, was purchased by Croskey Lanni.

Croskey Lanni, PC functions as a specialized family team focused on the highest quality of life for associates, assisting clients in ways that matter. Our future is bright as we extend the commitment to making a positive impact on people and businesses.