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Manufacturing, Material Handling and Distribution

Manufacturing, Material Handling and Distribution

Capital-intensive industries like manufacturing, material handling and distribution demand focused solutions that help you operate more efficiently.

Accuracy of reporting and categorization of expenses factors importantly into managing costs in this sector. What research and development tax credits are you taking advantage of? Did you know that the salary of your company president may be deductible as a component of R&D expense? What are the differences between 263A calculations and overhead expenses applied to inventory in your tax statements? How do you report income and expenses paid to or received from other countries? Are there tax advantages to moving your headquarters overseas? These are the kinds of questions you need to be asking because the answers have everything to do with taking advantage of available and required opportunities to maximize the viability of your enterprise.

Our industry specialists know the intricacies of manufacturing, material handling and distribution. We collaborate with you to perfect the lean manufacturing design and just-in-time specifications that are basic facts of production expertise. To help you improve effectiveness, we evaluate every facet of your operational processes, benchmark your output practices and focus on inventory management to keep items in stock low. All the while, we instigate dialogue to ensure objectives for improvement are being met.

Away from the production floor, we assist with tax, advisory, cash flow and purchasing factors. These are especially relevant in an industry where upfront outlays can be high. In the big picture, we collaborate to look at industry trends, competitive pressures and growth obstacles. Improving the value of your operation is as much our goal as it is yours.